Chez Caroll Duval-Leroy, Champagne, France


From Epernay, capital of wines of Champagne we shall follow Bruno through the côteaux of this vineyards up to its subterranean cellars and will try to drill the mystery of this elixir which makes dream about the whole world. We shall discover with the famous pastry cook Dallet, the secret of the traditional pink biscuit of champagne taken away well from the boudoirs which we find today. We shall follow the wine growers in the hunting in the wood of Cormont where invites them every year a woman of exception, an owner of one of the last family houses of Champagne; Caroll Duval-Leroy. Two studed Parisian chef will accommodate the products of the hunting and the woods; Christian Pignol of the Relais d'Auteuil will treat us of ceps in foie gras and Gérard Besson of a famous wild boar in citrus fruits.