Stuffed vegetables from the Provence region


Stuffed vegetables from the Provence region-
  1. To prepare the stuffing, hack the smoked bacon, salted bacon and some lamb and calf. Boil the whole with fresh garlic, herbs and cebettes.
  2. Mix with some egg and milk. Sprinkle parmesan over the whole and sprinkle with olive oil.
  3. Start to prepare the vegetables, so that they can be stuffed later on.
  4. Remove the tomato cores, without removing the membranes.
  5. Salt them, so that they exceed their last moisture.
  6. Empty the zucchini, keeping the inside in order to prepare the vegetable stuffing, which follows afterwards.
  7. The feet of the Paris mushrooms must be cut into small dice and mixed with the other vegetables.
  8. Remove the heads and the cores from the pepper.

For the cabbage:
  1. it is sufficient to remove the leafs. Keep the largest external leafs. Cut the onion in half. Cook them before emptying.
>For the cooking of the vegetables:
  1. Blanch them separately in boiling water.
  2. This means, for the cabbage and the mushrooms: 1 minute; the pepper and onion: 4-5 minutes; the zucchinis: hardly 1 minute. The boiling water should be lightly salted.
  3. Refresh the vegetables in the ice-cubes and drain them directly afterwards.
  4. To prepare the stuffing: hack the whole lightly, before putting it all together in the mixer.
  5. Then, when you have minced it, but not too much, add 2 eggs, 1.1 cups milk, salt, and the pepper from the mill.
  6. The mix should be hand-made, so that the result is more homogenous and well compact.
  7. Fill the vegetables with the stuffing, letting it deboard. Next, put the grated parmesan and some olive oil.
  8. Concerning the cabbage, put a good spoon stuffing, the pepper and a drop of olive oil in each leaf. it in the oven for 30 minutesâ?¦and the whole is marvellously gratinated and ready to be served!