Chez Bruno, Lorgues, France


Ocres, the cicada-airs, the fragrance of the lavender fields, the taste of olive oil as well as the vintage wines of sun-laden sloppy vineyards. At the heart of the Var, at Lorgues Clément, Bruno skilfully and smartly managed to create one of the best tables of France, a restaurant where everlasting friends, such as the Bocuse, Troigros, Ducasse, Vergé, Loiseau and all the others heartly come and join, as is reminded by the huge Fresco at the entrance, saying: share the bread, the wine and the truffle. According ti him, " It is a Must that food should speak to the heart" and what can be more poetical but for this dirty dish of Simone's garden, what can be more generous than this Alpine pigeon, all boned into laminated fatty liver and truffles.