Calf Head, How-To: Finely cut the vegetables. Boil salted water and prepare a vegetable stock. Put the mask from the calf head into this fond to cook. The sweetbread must cook for about 12-15 minutes. The brains are only poached, where as the mask and the tongue must cook 2-3 hours in the bouillon. Remove the vegetables from the water after 25 minutes cooking and cut them into nice slices... Soak the sweetbread in bread crumps and boil in butter. Soak the brains in an egg and saute in a pan. The other parts of the calf head, the tongue, the mask pieces, and the cheeks, will be reheated in the bouillon. Prepare a decorative salad. Add the vegetables, the sweetbread, the pieces of the mask, and the tongue. Sprinkle the whole with the radish cut into thin, long lamellas (like matches). To end, place majestically, as it is your habit, the caper vinaigrette on the dish.