Milk fed Veal Chop from the Correze region


Milk fed Veal Chop from the Correze region: Choose an asparagus category that does not easily peel. Cut off the two extremes of the asparagus, which are too protuberant, with a knife. Do not throw them away. They can serve to make a soup, an omelette, or many other preparations. In order to cook the asparagus, put them into boiling water for 5 minutes. Do not let them in the water too long. They taste better, when they are a little crunchy. To serve the dish, drain the veal chop beforehand on a clean dishcloth, which will absorb the grease. Then place the asparagus on top of each other, retaining their heat at a maximum, and pour the sauce with fine, seasonal herbs and butter over the meat aside.