Back of grouper corolla of potatoes crystallized tomatoes with the herbs


Empty fish, raise in nets, carve in sections and reserve. Prune the tomatoes, cut them four of them and core. Arrange them on an ovenproof dish, water a net of olive oil, garlic, cooking salt, fresh thyme and tails of basil. Place to the oven to 100 degrees, during 1 hour. Withdraw them from the oven, grind them, add basil chiseled to the knife, reserve then. Croustille of potatoes: Peel the potatoes, cut them plug some and in fine gills, with the help of the mandolin. Make precook them in an anti-adhesive frying pan, drain them before arranging them in corollas of 10 cm on a sulphurized paper, reserve. Sauce: Whiten about ten leaves of basil, flat parsley and chervil, mix the whole then. Incorporate 10 cl of virgin oil, season salt, of pepper, of a d pepper tip