Curd with chive and bread crust with bacon


Curd with chive and bread crust with bacon-

Curd preparation:
  1. Mix the curd with double cream. Season with salt and pepper and fill the 4 round forms.
  2. Season the 4 dandelions with some vinaigrette. Pour the remaining vinaigrette over the chive and put is on the curd forms.
  3. Store it cold.
Preparation of the bacon bread crust:
  1. Butter a cake form and, using a brush, spread the liquid leaven over a dimension of 4.7- 1.6 in.
  2. Mince the bacon slice and spread them, diagonally, on the bread crusts.
  3. Cook in the oven at 428 degrees F, like for sugared biscuit.
Preparation of the onion compote:
  1. Sweat the hacked onions in butter with salt and pepper. Deice with red wine vinegar and water.
  2. Let it very gently cook on the flame, until the onions turn into a compote.
Reduction preparation:
  1. Boil down the port wine and red wine until obtaining a syrup-like consistency.
Ending and presentation:
  1. Place a small curd with chive in a concave dish.
  2. Remove the circle.
  3. Put a nice scoop of onion compote and a dandelion at the side.
  4. Sting a bread crust in the curd and pour some drops of the reduction around it.