Fried of mushrooms of the undergrowths gazpacho freezes


Sort out the mushrooms while withdrawing the whole earth from the feet and the thorns of the heads. Peel the shallots while taking well care not to cut the too short root, so that echalote doesn t separate. Fry the ceps to the frothy butter, until obtaining light caramelisation of the slices. Add them trumpet-of-the-died, the powder of poultry and sugar. Thaw slightly to water. Wet to height to the lamb bottom, add the chanterelles, the foot-of-sheep and the lacteal. Make boil juice to intensify the taste, incorporate 50 g of butter to bind juice. Make cook the green of overripe to salty enough boiling water, during 2 min., in order to keep the color of origin, immediately cool in frozen water. Drain the overripe carefully, rid them in one