Chez Bruno, Toulon, France


Let us follow Bruno through the gorgeous landscapes of Verdon's canyon, meet Jean's-Louis's Reinard's, storyteller and Provençal poëte, around one friends' tables where the big chief Jacques Maximin officiates. On the menu, the typical dishes of the farm of Palud-sur Verdon; stew of wild boar, brouillade of truffles, snipes, patrouillard in apples. Then we shall go back to the mediteranean through the domain of La Lieue and its Merovingian vineyard, Cuers where a grandma makes jams as her mother and mother's mother did before her â?¦ Finally we will discover the beautiful natural harbour of Toulon where Poupouche and his fishermen friends wait for us for a meal on the port ; mussels singed in Pastis cooked on a wheelbarrow, stuffed sardines, jeers of octopus â?¦ Big moments of friendliness to shareâ?¦