Crosti of red mullets with Mesclun olive of salads and herbs of the vegetable garden


Wash the various salads and aromatic herbs, drain then. Scale, empty the red mullets, raise the nets, remove the bones that resist uselessly and reserve to the cool. Rub bread with the cloves of garlic, dampen extra olive oil. Spread mash of black olives slightly or chop very end of the black olives pitted, add some leaves of marjoram, so possible. Only arrange on every slice 2 nets of red mullets, salty and peppery, side flesh, and add some grains of coriander crushed. Pass olive oil to the brush on the nets of red mullets, before placing to the oven. Achieve a vinaigrette with the remaining olive oil and the balsamic vinegar, of salt and pepper. Grill to very hot oven the crosti of red mullets, bread must be under crusty, the red mullets dor&