Rosheim , Alsace, France


From Colmar, capital of wines of Alsace, let us leave to the discovery of this gourmands' earth gourmets among whom houses in the lively colors and the flowery balconies testify of the conviviality. Earth of art also just like the famous rétable of Issenheim of the museum of the city. After the vineyards of Barr, famous Faller, mother and sisters of Weinbach, make us discover too their vintage wines. It is Hubert Maetz, a chef of the Rosenmeer to Rosheim whom we shall follow of his suppliers, then in his kitchen to concoct white asparaguses in spices collected together, a farçi cock behind which Bruno in for a long time run or a delicious swwet with rhubarb. Hubert, just like his cooking gives us a lesson of simplicity and elegance.