Chicory sauteed with foie gras


Chicory sauteed with foie gras-
  1. Cut the foie gras slices, using a cutting machine, in order to obtain very thin slices of about 0.1 in thickness each. Store them cold on a dish that is lightly moistened with cold water.
  2. Cut the chicory into chunks of about 1.2 in each.
  3. Wash them well and let them dry. Saute in oil and butter for about 2 minutes on a strong flame.
  4. Sprinkle with nutmeg, pepper, salt and sugar.
  5. Let it lightly caramelize. Deice with Xerès vinegar.
  6. Add truffles and let it macerate for another 10 seconds.
  7. Place the sauteed chicory on a warm serving dish and dispose the foie gras, so that, due to the heat, the foie gras melts. Sprinkle with the mixed pepper.