Grilled Meat Farandoles-
  1. Cut the different types of meat in small pieces.
  2. Take a brush to cover them in oil.
  3. Following the length of the zucchini, cut 6-8 long lines from one end to the other around the zucchini.
  4. Then, cut the zucchini, as usual, into thin slices.
  5. Thus, you will have a nice decoration on their skin.
  6. Prune the tomatoes and cut them into very thin, round slices.
  7. Place the round zucchini and tomato slices alternatively in each of the 3.2 in moulds. Finish with a round tomato slice in the center.
  8. Recover all the leafs from the herbs and roughly hack them.
  9. Put all the herbs in the warm meat gravy. Add some vinegar, butter and olive oil.
  10. Put the 4 vegetable moulds on an oven plate. Salt, pepper and sprinkle with oil. Cook in the oven until the zucchinis are cooked.
  11. For the presentation, place the zucchinis and tomatoes in the middle of a large, semi-concave dish.
  12. Lay the different pieces of meat around it and sprinkle with the meat gravy and herbs. Bon appetit!