Gourmand Lobster and Crustacean Stew - Chef Jean Bardet


Gourmand Lobster and Crustacean Stew - Chef Jean Bardet-
  1. In order to prepare the lobster, cook the lobster and the crayfish for 8 minutes. Let them cool down afterwards.
  2. Decorticate the lobster before cutting it into pieces. Boil the lobster and crayfish pieces in a pan with butter and season them.

Sauce preparation:
  1. Put some fresh ginger slices in a pan, boil it down, and add a spoon with cream. Let it boil.
  2. Turn a good piece of butter, taking care that it does neither darken nor boil.
  3. Add lemon juice and some white wine.
  1. Pour the sauce of the lobster pieces. Add the small vegetables (following your taste) and some drops of lemon juice. Finally, add some green lemon oil and cover the dish to keep all the aromas until you serve it.