John Dory with Champagne and Artichoke Puree


John Dory with Champagne and Artichoke Puree-
  1. Cut the John Dory into fillets. Prepare the clams and cook them in some broth. Cut, clean and blanch the edible seaweed.
  2. For the artichoke puree: We have to previously prepare it by cooking the artichokes in the gravy from the clam cooking. Then, use a sieve to keep the rest of the clam gravy for the John Dory cooking.
  3. Put some olive oil in a frying pan and add the shallot, which has been finely minced beforehand, as well as half the glass Champagne. The other half you keep to emulsify the sauce.
  4. Once lightly boiled down, add the rest of the shellfish gravy and let it boil down again.
  5. Next, add the thickened cream, but really wait for almost the last moment to do so.
  6. Season the John Dory on each side with salt and pepper from the mill. When the pan starts to fume, brown the John Dory first of all on the skin side, which will lightly retract. Then you can turn it around.
  7. Prepare the dish with the artichoke puree (re-heated). Put the clams, reheated in the sauce, back in the shells, and place them around the puree.
  8. Following to this, integrate the rest of the Champagne into the sauce and add some fresh herbs. The sea-weed serves as decoration.
  9. a small turn with the pepper mill â?? and voila, here it is: the John Dory roasted in Tuscan oil with a delicious Champagne sauce.