Château Belmont, Tours, France


It is at Tours, the heavenly garden of France and the capital of Tourraine that we can meet Jean Bardet whose restaurant is located at the heart of the city despite its rural look. It is one of the most frequented Gastronomical steps to follow in France. In the middle of 600 Aroma plants and vegetables and a large number of fruit trees, Bardet recommends such a refined and simple cooking at the same time, where the products honoured are chicken eggs cracked on fresh vegetables. Let us be tempted by the Armorican influence of a jugged- lobster stew, as well as some ginger and green lemon small Crustacea and all sorts of shell-fish, what about a Ste Maure, such a delicious goat-cheese, not to forget the Vouvray or the Bourgueil wines to taste and relish. As the summer is coming to an end soon, let's bite, with pleasure, into this delicious fresh fig pie.