Hôtel Princess et Richmond et Hôtel l'Aiglon, Ventimiglia, Italy


Very near Monaco, the station of Menton, brought into vogue at the beginning of the century, is a green town, enriched with eight exceptional gardens where we can look for some freshness in the midst of the luxuriant exotic vegetation. The architecture itself witnesses an ostentatious past heritage, and it is in one of its most prestigious De Luxe hotels that Charles Caruso welcomes us at the Richmond. He has made ready for us a royal Chrysophrys with Citrus fruit, the Citrus being obviously the Emblem of the town. To follow, we can enjoy the pannacotta, an Italian influence, as it was part of it until the XIVth. Century. It is by the way in Italy, between the sea and the "Balzi Rossi", the red rocks, that the Beglia family recommends refined food, inspired from the province of Ligurie, such as these farfales with gambas and courgettes, or this zabeglione bathed in the Piémont muscat wine.