Le Bistrot du sommelier, Paris, France


Philippe Faure-Brac, the best wine-butler of France says " It has already happened to me to cry over when trying a wine, so much was the expectation and the award of this expectation present there at the rendez-vous." Since the creation of his Bistrot of the Sommelier, he has made us find out about the rarest, brand-new and the least-known cellar wines, such surprising wines, wines of the New World. Let's walk up into his footsteps, through the historical cellars of Moet and Chandon, flying over his vineyards, he recommends how to make the first-class choices AF, so let's listen carefully to his far-seeing pieces of advice, and even as far as the Ministries which appeal to his help and imagination so as to make the best selection of the wines for the different receptions.