Eggplant mille-feuille with red pepper cream


Eggplant mille-feuille with red pepper cream-

Eggplant caviar preparation:
  1. Cut the extremes of the eggplant.
  2. Wrap them in aluminium paper. Then, cook in the hot oven for about 30 minutes.
  3. Afterwards, cut the eggplants in half. Use a spoon to easily remove their inside. If it is too difficult, it is a sign that the eggplants are not sufficiently cooked.
  4. Finish the eggplant puree in a pan with olive oil.
  5. Store aside.
  6. Cut very eggplants into very thin, round slices.
  7. Flour them and cook in olive oil, so that they become very crusty.
  8. Cut the red pepper into small dice.
  9. Saute in a saucepan with olive oil.
  10. Once the color turns orange, add the cream and let it cook.
  11. Srain in the Chinese.
  12. Place three small amounts of eggplant caviar on each serving dish. Lay the fried round eggplant slices on top of it, followed by the caviar, round eggplant slice, caviar, â?¦
  13. Pour the red pepper cream all over the dish.