Prawn a la nage with fennel, vanilla and verbena


Prawn a la nage with fennel, vanilla and verbena-
  1. Cooking a la nage means to poach food in a court bouillon and serving the court bouillon and the vegetables around the food as part the garniture.

The nage:
  1. Do not cut the vegetables, but wash them gently. Cook with the herbs and condiments in 1.3 gallons water for 50 minutes on a small flame. Lightly salt. Strain in a sieve.
The fennel:
  1. Remove the fennel leafs, peel and cut them into 0.4 in width and 1.2 in length. Poach them in the vegetable gravy with 1 star-shaped anis, some drops of Pernod, a tip of minced garlic and lemon juice. Cook it al dente.
  1. Boil the vegetable nage and the vanilla pods. Add the citronella (lemon grass) branches without leafs and the Cayenne pepper. Pepper and salt. Cook the nage for 10 minutes on a small flame. Add the fennel, its bouillon and the prawn. Let it cook on a small flame for 30 seconds.
  2. Remove the citronella branches and add the small, hard butter pieces to bind the nage.
  3. Serve the preparation in a concave dish.
  4. Decorate with finely cut citronella leafs and the vanilla pod.