Pigeon with foie gras and truffles


Prepare butter with cabbage, while shredding it finely and while whitening it, drain it then. In a pan, make come back the smoked chest cut in dice and add then the cabbage, 60 g of butter, of the white bottom. Let cook the cabbage during 20 min. about, drain it then. Bone the pigeons, nets and thighs, then remove skins. Put on a bottom of folding of 10 cm of diameter the net of pigeon seasoned, the shredded truffles, a piece of foie gras, the boned thigh, and the cabbage. Close again the dough then gild to the yellow of egg. Put to cook at the oven to 200 degrees. For sauce: Make come back the carcasses of pigeons (they must be gilt well), add garlic and onion then. Degrease, wet with 3 l water. Let cook until the wanted consistence. Add the cubes