Ecrin de vigneron: Prepare the egg whites. Mix with sugar, add the egg yolk and cocoa powder, delicately stirring the whole. Using a pastry bag (which allows decorating with creams, puree, etc.) place it on a plate and put it in the oven at 338 degrees F. In the meanwhile, mix the punch ingredients, which you will pour over the biscuits, once they are cooked... Take the dessert out off the refrigerator and remove it from the form. Soak the form in lukewarm water for a few seconds. Place a biscuit with punch in the middle of the round form. Then, put the chocolate mousse in a hotte, keeping a distance of about 0.8 in with the pastry bag. Put another biscuit. Cover it again with the cream, mixing the creme patissiere, alcohol, meringue and whipped cream. Put it for 30 minutes in the freezer and place it on a dish afterwards. Take a small scoop chocolate mousse with a spoon. Dispose some grapes and the sauce. For the final decoration, take some small wine leafs, which have been dried in the syrup.