Prawn cone with sesame and curry


Prawn cone with sesame and curry-
  1. Prepare the prawn by keeping their tale and last ring. Store them aside.

Prepare the cone:
  1. Melt the butter. Take a mixing bowl. Add sugar, flour, curry and vinegar. Mix with the beater. Add the lukewarm, melted butter.
  2. Take an anti-adhesive plate. Make 4 piles with the cone mixture. Flatten each with a fork in order to obtain a circle. Put it in the preheated oven at 200 degrees for 3-4 minutes.
  3. Take it out off the oven. Let it cool for 1 minute. Then, detach with a spatula. Make 4 cones. Store them dry.
  4. Cook the quinoa in boiling, salted water for 20 minutes. Rinse and drain.
  5. Cut the mango and apple en brunoise, meaning, into small dice of 0.08 inches. Then, mix with quinoa, curry, sesame oil, salt and pepper.
  6. Store it. Make a vinaigrette with the ingredients listed below. Wash the herbs. Mix with the vinaigrette. Coat the prawn with sesame, employing a classical method: flour, a beaten egg, sesame. Cook in a pan with two spoons olive oil. Salt and pepper.
  7. Prepare the dish by filling the cones with the cereal mix and seasoned fruits. Put the herbs at the side.
  8. Season the cooked prawn.
  9. Add 1 tbsp. vinaigrette to the dish. Serve directly.