Domaine de Châteauvieux, Genève, Switzerland


Geneva, quiet and majestic at the edge of the Lake which gives it a looks of bathing city from the arrival of beautiful days. Cosmopolitan city if it is there, international organizations, banks, watchmakers and chocolates, we shall meet some of theirs who we shall make us share the pleasure of living there. We shall then follow Bruno and move some kilometres from there, to the countryside, in the attractive quoted of Hermance where Franz and his chef welcome us in their beautiful inn. The time seems to pass by more slowly in the middle of these vineyards, on this lake where still some fishermen go out to treat us with fillets of perch of the Lake Geneva, and the other Férat. We shall taste the speciality of the inn, the chicken in crust of salt and Bruno will be even tried to become established on the banks of this lake where the Genevans meet themselves around delicious cheeses and local specialities for a picnic.