Milk-fed Veal Chop with Vegetable Ragout


Milk-fed Veal Chop with Vegetable Ragout-
  1. Ask your butcher to cut the calf in front of you. Thus, you can judge yourself whether the calf is clear, which means: soft and tender. The colour of a milk-fed veal chop piece has to resemble the most possible to the colour of milk. Each piece must weigh around 1.1 lbs, unprepared, so that they are thick enough. When they are prepared, they weight less than 400g.
  2. One unprepared piece of milk-fed veal chop gives the possibility to recover the entire grease and part of the veal rack bone, in order to prepare a nice calf gravy.
  3. Cut the herbs to make a bouquet. The leftovers will be chopped up and modify the sauce. Now, salt the veal chop with the Guérande salt and press the rough grains well into the meat. Add pepper and boil it down.
  4. Heat the oil. Once it starts to fume, brown the presentation side of the meat just like you do with the fish.
  5. After about 5 minutes cooking on each side, take the piece of the flame.
  6. Reheat the vegetable ragout, which has previously been cooked in the Tuscan oil, like the veal chop, and start to prepare the dish.
  7. Place the vegetable ragout on the dish, playing with the different colours to have a very visual presentation.
  8. Decorate with a bouquet of herbs and pour part of the veal sauce over it. Keep the rest of the sauce for the gravy bowl.
  9. The presentation should be very simple, because it is a very traditional dish.