Grilled supreme John Dory


Grilled supreme John Dory-
  1. Cook the onion and its marinade for about 3 hours on a small flame.
  2. When the wine is evaporated, add the honey to terminate the cooking.
  3. Keep it at the side of the stove.
  4. Reduce the tomato juice to one half and bind lightly with cornstarch and add the butter. Keep it aside.
  5. Lightly oil and season the John Dory fillets with salt and pepper. Then, place them on your hot and clean grill, grilling them from each side so that the squares from the grill become visible on the fish.
  6. Terminate the cooking in the oven at thermostat 6 for 4 minutes on a buttered plate.

  1. Place the preserved onion in the middle of a large serving dish. On top of it, put the John Dory fillet, and pour the tomato sauce around it.
  1. Refine your decoration by putting some dill on the John Dory.