Escaoutoun Landais-
  1. Voila, an old, traditional dish from the French region called Land. The escaoutoun landais is a polenta-like dish blended with ewe's-milk cheese and black truffles
  2. The recipe is based on corn flour, which, a long time ago, replaced the bread with sauces aside.
  3. Start by preparing the escaoutoun itself. Mix the meat bouillon with the corn flour, off the flame. Then, cook this mixture like a puff pastry, by drying and hardening it on a small flame.
  4. After about 5 minutes, the dough is dried up. Now, you can add the mascarpone, some more bouillon to adjust the liaison, and the Basque sheep cheese, grated beforehand.
  5. The escaoutoun is normally a very solid dish in the Land tradition.
  6. However, in order to lighten this heavy dish a little, we use more mascarpone to obtain a rather liquid puree. By adding the Basque sheep cheese (the Brebis Basque) you give the dish some taste and flavour.
  7. Now that the escaoutoun is ready, put the chanterelle mushrooms in the pan with the hot duck grease. After about 3-4 minutes, the chanterelles are cooked. Add salt, pepper and some parsley.
  8. Continue by reheating the escaoutoun and place it on the dish.
  9. In fact, the escaoutoun can be accompanied by many different types of mushrooms, such as cepe mushrooms, St. George mushrooms, oyster mushrooms or even fresh truffles, in the winter time.Finish the dish by pouring some fowl gravy over it.