Cream of darling frozen with pimientos del piquillo


Start with cooking the darlings with a little grease of duck, the small lardons, the onion, the carrots and the garlic, that one is going to make melt without coloration, all smoothly. Once the furniture came back, add the beans darlings while coating them mildly in the grease, wet then with the bottom of poultry or water, simply. It is very important not to salt to pepper nor, only at the end of cooking, otherwise the skin of the darlings is going to harden. Add the cool tomato, the garnished bouquet and of the cool darlings rightly 10 to 15 min. of cooking. After 1/4 hour the beans darlings are cooked, season them and withdraw them of fire, mix to make a mash of it and loosen with a little liquid cream. Keep some of it to make a small brandade to the pimientos del piquillo. Prepare the furniture that is going to accompany cream frozen of darling while crushing some beans tepid j